Common Courtesy?

“Thank you so much for taking the time, and making the effort to provide us with a timely and detailed quotation. We understand the deadline was very compressed, and the scope required substantial research on your part. We do

The Mayberry Effect.

It seems that modern suburbia is on a quest to recreate that small town feel, what I call the “Mayberry Effect”. You remember Mayberry.  That quintessential made for TV small town.  I actually think the town really exists and was

In the Beginning…

In the Beginning… This is the 1st blog for our company and my first blog so here goes. In the beginning there was design/build and we are one of the pioneering companies in the mid west that started using

Faster, Cheaper, Better…

Faster, Cheaper, Better… We all live in the world that wants everything faster, cheaper and better. From our hamburgers to our access to data and now to the facilities most of us live and work in. That’s right, we

LEED-Is it for YOU?

LEED-Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is an internationally recognized green building certification system developed by the US Green Building Council, providing third-party verification that a building was designed and built using strategies intended to improve performance in metrics