Design/build is a method of project delivery in which the building owner executes a single contract with one entity (designer/builder) to provide architectural and construction services, with one single point of contact. 

What are the benefits of Design/Build?

Accountability. With both design and construction in the hands of a single entity, there is a sole point of accountability and responsibility for quality, cost, and schedule adherence.

Quality. The singularized responsibility inherent in design/build is a powerful quality motivator.  Because the designer/builder is solely responsible for the completed product, and cannot shift responsibility for defects to another party, he is motivated to build in quality throughout the design and construction processes.

Cost Savings. Design and construction personnel, working and communicating as a team, evaluate alternative designs, materials, and methods efficiently and accurately.  This results in cost savings on several fronts.  By eliminating time often wasted in the negotiations between architects and contractors, the time to design and build is drastically reduced.  With designers as team players, they contribute significantly to cost savings by choosing building materials that maximize functionality and budget concerns.

Time Savings. Because design and construction are overlapped, and because bidding periods and redesign are eliminated, total design and construction time can be significantly reduced.  Design/build is ideal for the application of “fast track” construction techniques without associated risks to the owner.  Materials and equipment procurement and construction work can begin before construction documents are fully completed.  The resulting time savings translates into lower costs and earlier occupancy of the completed facility.

Reduced Administrative Burden. Combining architects, project managers, and superintendents into one entity frees the owner from lengthy and costly battles that often erupt between separate design firms and construction contractors.

Guaranteed Construction Costs. With design/build, project costs are known early in the process.  Unlike traditional delivery systems, these prices are guaranteed through the duration of the project.