Lenexa City Center East Parking Structure

  • Project Sign
    Project Sign
  • Grading and excavating has started.
    The Beginning
  • SE corner view showing the AB3 base installed
    SE Corner View
  • Storm sewers being installed
  • Reinforcing steel delivered to the site for the start of foundations.
  • Footing excavation
  • West wall footing excavation.
  • Crane in place for precast panel erection
  • First precast section going up. This is the NE corner of the stair tower.
  • North wall is taking shape.
  • Second floor decking being installed.
  • NE stair tower
  • NE stair tower
  • Stair Tower roofs being installed.
  • Stair Tower roofing under way.
  • Asphalt installation inside the garage area.
  • Base course of asphalt on the exterior parking lot.
  • Tile roofing and EIFS being installed on the stair towers.
  • Sidewalks being installed on the west side.
  • North East stair tower.
  • West elevation
  • Accent lighting around the perimeter adds a softing look to the facade.

Location: Lenexa, Kansas

Completed: Fall 2013

Rose Design Build has started construction on the new two story parking structure directly south of the BE Smith corporate headquarters. This structure as designed by Rose Design Group, Inc. comprises a precast exterior utilizing brick, tile, and EIFS as a complement to the existing structure and the deisgn guide as established for the New Lenexa City Center Master development.