Key Considerations for Building an Auto Dealership in Kansas City

Auto salesmanship has changed drastically over the last few decades. It’s not enough to just “get customers in the door” anymore. In 2021, consumers are approaching dealerships more educated and empowered than ever before because of the power of online research tools.

This means that building a car dealership to accommodate the new age of car shoppers is paramount to success in the auto industry.

From auto showroom design to perfect lighting, our experts at Rose Design Build will break down the latest tips and trends for building a dealership in Kansas City!

Think Vertically

One of the most impactful auto dealership design trends of late has been the vertical dealership design. Instead of building a flat lot outside of city centers, successful dealerships have integrated into high traffic retail locations.

New age auto dealerships are built to mirror sleek downtown office buildings or luxury condos. This brings your business to your potential customers and gives your dealership a high-end reputation.

Creating a vertical auto dealership in Kansas City allows your team to approach potential customers in a less formal environment. Now that consumers bring their own knowledge and research to the table, it’s important to create a less formal environment to encourage a conversation rather than a lesson on your vehicles.

Auto Showroom Design

The design of your auto dealership showroom is almost as important as the luxury cars themselves. Creating an atmosphere of exclusivity and brand identity creates an all-inclusive experience for your customers and drives sales.

Your showroom should have a powerful impression on customers as soon as they enter and be branded from top to bottom. From color accents to the materials used throughout the space, the brand of your luxury cars should be evident and strong.

Luxury cars are also very similar to works of art and should be displayed with the same level of care. Natural light in your auto showroom will enhance the appearance of your vehicles, but natural light alone will not guarantee the best lighting for the space. Accent lighting, such as ceiling or standing lightboxes, can illuminate your cars 24/7 and are customizable based on size, intensity, brightness, and temperature.

Lighting and Graphics

The lighting throughout your Kansas City dealership—not just the showroom—is a major factor in your design. It’s likely your customers have already seen plenty of cars and luxury vehicles in photos and online, so when they visit your dealership in person it’s important that their visual expectations are upheld and exceeded.

As mentioned above, lightboxes are a popular auto dealership design trend because of their flexibility. They can be integrated into any dealership design because of their simplicity and the range of sizes available. Having control over the brightness and intensity of your lighting at any time will allow you to create the perfect lighting experience regardless of natural light conditions.

Lit fabric frames can also provide lighting for your dealership. These frames can easily be moved throughout the space as your needs change, providing an easy way to refresh your space throughout the year.

Lighting can also be found in the form of digital screens and graphics throughout your dealership. Again, consumers in 2021 are empowered by online tools, and therefore incorporating these tools within your dealership encourages your customers to use them. Digital screens also provide and interactive experience for shoppers, increasing customer engagement.

However, too many digital screens can overwhelm your audience with information and visual stimulation. Remember to balance your digital media with a healthy amount of open space.

Choose the Right Auto Dealership Architect in Kansas City

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