How to Choose the Best Kansas City Architect for Your Commercial Project

In the world of construction, hiring a reputable architect isn’t easy. Design is the backbone of your commercial build and it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

But how do you take your big idea and partner with the right professional architect to help your vision become a reality? In the search process, consider these tips.

Knowledge and Experience

Design is much more than aesthetics. Functionality and practicality must also be at the forefront of every commercial building. A professional architect must balance the creative and economic aspects of the project for the best possible outcome.

When searching out your new commercial building architect, experience in the industry offers you a competitive advantage. How many years has the architect or the firm been in business? What’s their track record? Do they have experience in the type of project area?

Accreditation and Certification

Verify if the architect has accreditation. Are they a member of any organization such as the American Institute of Architects? Memberships to these organizations mean they’re highly likely to follow a professional code of ethics while having access to an abundance of resources.

Communication and Location

A local architect is always best. Remember, you’re creating a relationship with the people from the design team. It’s important to communicate well with the firm and set clear expectations. A local team can help in creating a standing relationship with easy communication and accessibility.

Project Delivery Method

Keep in mind, beyond the architectural services, your construction project is going to take a lot of work. Therefore, a design-build solution is best to help align the architect’s vision with the construction execution.

Even better, the design-build delivery method means the firm can help manage the design, consult, construct, and manage all aspects of your commercial project. As you evaluate your decisions, consider Rose Design Build, Inc. for your commercial design project. With over 90 years of experience, Rose Design Build has constructed hundreds of buildings throughout the Kansas City Metro area.

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Creating energy-efficient buildings in Kansas City is the path to the future. Not only can building with energy efficiency in mind protect the environment, but it can also save owners a great deal of money.

Trust the experts at Rose Design Build to assist you in making your energy-efficient designs a reality. We provide construction services for business and commercial companies all across the Kansas City metro.