What is Design Build vs. Design Bid Build?

People, processes, and procurement strategies are the foundation of a successful build. All these elements must work together to meet and exceed your project vision. But, to execute a build on time and within budget, you need a well thought-out strategy.

There are two general approaches to commercial construction. While one method offers a traditional approach, the other focuses on cost reductions, fast-track-delivery, and enhanced execution.

Whichever approach you choose, consider how it may impact your next construction build in Kansas City.

The Design-Bid-Build Project Delivery Method

The Design Bid Build delivery method is also known as “hard-bid” in the commercial construction industry.

For this approach, there’s a lot more responsibility on the owner to ensure the project finishes on time and within budget. Here’s why.

Separates the Design and Construction Process

The Design Bid Build project delivery method splits the design and construction phases. This means each entity works with separate contracts and roles. You must find the architect and builder, communicate with key stakeholders, and ensure these two parties’ visions align.

While you’re in full control of the project execution, it’s a lot of work to manage. You’re in charge of overseeing the design, construction documents, bidding, and build from start to finish.

Takes More Time to Complete Your Project

This project delivery method is a prolonged process from the design to build phase. And any snags can draw out the project even longer.

Typically, the project starts with the architect working with the owner. The architect produces a series of deliverable including the schematic design, design development concepts, and construction documents.

With these documents, you can bid out to a pool of contractors to find the best person for the job.  This method may lower your construction costs, or it could cost you even more.

Increases Risk of Delays and Miscommunication

Design Bid Build project delivery method often results in delays, which leads to a lengthier process.

As the time frame stretches, there’s the risk of interruptions and inaccurate estimates. And ultimately, you may be unhappy with the finished product.

If you want results delivered in a timely, efficient manner, consider the turnkey solution, Design-Build.

Design Build Project Delivery Method

For a better project delivery method, there’s the Design-Build approach.

The design-build firm works alongside the project owner to provide both design and construction services.

This allows a single source to manage every aspect of the build from pre-construction to post-construction.

Supports a Faster Delivery Method

Design Build project delivery method is successful in part due to the unified collaboration between all parties.

The design team and the construction team work in harmony to streamline communication and have a broader, more effective impact.

Creates a Cost-Effective Solution

With better communication and collaboration comes fewer problems. This approach uses a systemic checks and balances from everyone involved.

All experts work together to unify their skills to ensure your vision is a successful outcome.

Reduces the Risk for the Owner

Risk to the owner greatly reduces as Design-Build excel at responding to the changing needs as a project progresses. By combining architects, engineers and contractors, Design Build becomes a single source of expertise and a dedicated provider of the design and construction aspects.

It requires minimal time commitment from the owner throughout the process, so you can focus on core aspects of your business instead.

Planning Your Next Kansas City Commercial Project?

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