How to Select a Trusted Design Build Firm in Kansas City

Your next Kansas City commercial construction project may be one of the greatest investments you make as a business owner.

And the decisions you make before the project even starts are directly tied to the project’s overall success.

You don’t need just a contractor, you need a partner who solves problems, provides the best value to your project, and shares your vision for success.

Before you select a Kansas City design-build firm, keep in mind these helpful tips.

Interview Your Design-Build Firm Prospects

A successful commercial construction project isn’t just about a nice-looking design. It’s about problem-solving and innovation that unifies form, feasibility, and function.

During your selection process, asking the right questions allows you to understand the delivery process and better assess if they’re a good fit.

When looking at a firm, consider the following questions during the interview process:

  • Ask to see their portfolio. Do they have any similar projects they completed in the last year?
  • What is the process through both the design and building phases?
  • How do they mitigate risks? Can they provide any examples?
  • How do they control costs and manage budget?

Evaluate Their Track Record of Experience

Experience is everything, especially when it comes to executing a commercial construction project on time and within budget.

Your ideal design-build partner should have a robust portfolio of commercial construction projects like yours. Since the design-build delivery method combines both construction and design phases, your partner should be able to provide example projects in both areas.

And behind every construction project should be a top-notch team who offers unparalleled insight and industry expertise. During the interview process, ask about the team’s experience. How many years have they been in the field? Have they won any awards?

Ask About Their Reputation

With vast experience comes reputation. Take the time to get to really know the design-build partner by asking for references.

See what their clients have to say about their experiences and the quality of their work. Was the project completed on time? Did it meet or exceed their expectations? Would they ever be willing to work with the firm again? Alternatively, check online and see if there are any reviews available.

Asking for these direct references may provide additional insight on the design-build firm’s process and how they collaborate with a business owner.

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